Quality Assurance/ Quality Control


Accountable for every aspect of the construction, Base staff understand that quality assurance and quality control begins day one on a project—whether that starts with preconstruction, a shovel in the ground or commissioning—and is maintained until the last punchlist item is completed.


Base has evolved and refined our quality control processes. We conduct specific quality control measures ranging from mockups to multiple on-site inspections to equipment testing. We also recognize that the success of the quality control effort is a direct reflection of team effort and take a proactive role in coordinating with all members of your consultant team including architects, engineers, owner’s representatives and brokers.


Prior to the execution of any subcontractor agreements, our project teams thoroughly familiarize themselves with all aspects of the construction documents and formulate detailed plans of execution. All subcontractors on site are required to meet the quality assurance standards throughout the project.


Base monitors all work to meet the intent of the construction documents. If any work or installation is not installed to the satisfaction of the owner, the architect or Base’s personnel, this work is rejected with a notice of non-conforming work directed to the responsible trade.


We take pride in the workmanship of our staff and our subconsultants. At Base we are committed to delivering the highest quality product and successfully meeting our clients’ goals and expectations on every assignment, regardless of size or complexity. There is no substitute for a job well done. 


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