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Design/build services, while offering many similar benefits of construction management services, have one unique difference—Base holds the contract with you, hiring the architect and engineer directly. This singular point of responsibility to you changes the architect, engineer and contractor’s relationship and thus the project dynamic. This method of project delivery effectively eliminates the cross claims between the architect and contractor by truly integrating the design and construction process from start to finish.


The unique advantage this provides, is that it allows Base the opportunity to develop an optimal team—one that has worked together before, has established relationships, has developed effective communication strategies and understands the core philosophy of the other firms in the partnership. Success stems from our ability to assemble the right team for your project, to handpick the right designers, and to procure and manage construction forces effectively for a quality project on a compressed schedule. 


Utilizing our longstanding relationships with architects and engineers throughout the SF Bay Area, Base has the ability to assemble teams with which we have successfully completed work before. We can maximize our experience together providing you with a team that has “no learning curve” and that is able to jump right into the project tackling even the most challenging complexities with vigor and esprit d’corps. 


Under the design/build contract, Base and the design team work hand-in-hand from day one to design, program and construct your project. Each team member is involved in each step of the process providing insight and focused expertise along the way.


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