General Contracting


Following traditional building delivery methods, Base provides general contracting services. As a general contractor, Base receives drawings and provides competitive pricing for your project, strictly complying with your plans and specifications. As it is our policy to provide the highest quality project, regardless of delivery method, we make recommendations and provide alternates for consideration when feasible and appropriate. 


Base works with only the most competent subcontractors, whose qualifications and corporate stability we assiduously vet, to support the efforts of your construction project. As a top contractor in every geographic market that we serve, we have in-depth knowledge of market conditions, subcontractor strengths and weaknesses and past subcontractor performance. Our leading market position is the first line, of many we offer, to reduce your project risk.


We carefully screen and invite only proven firms to participate in the bidding process. Upon receipt of each bid, we extensively review the subcontractor’s submission to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. This, combined with qualifications evaluation and certainty schedules can be met, are the drivers in subcontractor selection. 


All subcontracts are held by Base directly, and we assume responsibility for the performance of the subcontractors. Base offers you a risk free process with a fixed price for construction. 





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